Thrive Global delivers strategic advisory and market solutions for clients seeking to explore, enter or expand enterprise in Africa. We navigate our clients to success in this diverse, dynamic continent by applying real-time tools and analytics, on-the-ground staff, deep understanding, and essential partnerships.

Advisory Services

For all of its opportunity, Africa is an inherently complex and diverse place to do business. We assist clients in the exploration of new business opportunities and the development of entry and expansion strategies. Thrive Global positions clients for success through insightful strategy and support to successful execution and navigation. Strategic services include market analysis at the continent and national level, risk analysis and mitigation, critical networking and introductions, product entry planning, and tactical, on-the-ground execution.

Example Services

  • Opportunity Filtering and Strategy Development

    Using proprietary methodology and well-positioned network contacts, we identify and rank key African locations for achievement of your goals and facilitate insightful entry and expansion strategies.

  • Operational Support

    Execution of strategies in African markets can be challenging. We provide expert on-the-ground experience to your business operations to solve critical problems, lead change processes, and deliver ongoing advice and expertise to management.

  • Critical Networks and Partnerships

    We introduce you to key business, government and civil society stakeholders relevant to your company goals and risk mitigation and bridge you to functional partnerships to maximize success and protection.

  • Topical Briefings and Research

    From market assessments and innovation trajectory to competitor research, our team provides actionable and relevant research on mission critical topics.

  • Executive Counsel and Trips

    We work with you on how to effectively engage Africa for business. This counsel includes strategy review, off-site discussions, convening of high-level African business and political leaders and exposure trips for your company's leadership.

  • Next-Gen Corporate Social Responsibility Services

    Driving social impact while increasing the benefit to your business is a critical part of today’s marketplace expectations. We design and support Next-Gen CSR programs tailored to the African context for measurable community impact and brand strengthening, from managing giving, to measuring results, to converting that impact to marketing and comms platforms. Where relevant we integrate CSR into security frameworks to support business continuity and relationships with local communities.

Market & Product Solutions

Thrive Global connects you with product market access opportunities in some of the fastest growing economies on the planet. We optimize product development, marketing and distribution through our understanding of customer and market diversity. We deliver access to business-to-business sales opportunities as well as consumer market products through our connections to millions of underserved consumers across Africa. Our community networks and partnership arrangements can be leveraged as scaled “plumbing” to bring products into and out of critical markets and alleviate the significant logistical and distribution hurdles plaguing many consumer product and service companies. Informed by decades of experience in African communities we possess an intimate knowledge of consumer patterns and preferences and can advise the development, testing, refinement, marketing and distribution of products aimed at African consumers.

Example Services

  • Competitive Insight & Market Analysis

    We deliver intelligence reporting, strategic planning and provide entry or expansion guidance for major B2B or B2C product or service initiatives in key African markets. Our approach enables effective sales, marketing and product planning which leads to successful product introductions and greater competitive positioning.

  • Sales & Lead Generation

    In certain situations it makes sense for Thrive Global to act as a trusted extension of your business development team in Africa. Our team can facilitate key lead and sales networking conversations, develop relationships with prospective clients in targeted industries and then support your in house experts for final deal closing and negotiations.

  • Product Testing, Design and Development

    Thrive Global has proven success in designing products that satisfy consumer preferences, needs and price point and sell at scale across diverse inter-regional markets and language groups. We can ensure your product is rigorously tested and experienced across your target consumer segments and can manage the necessary feedback mechanisms to allow for final product development and production per consumer tastes and price sensitivity.

  • Consumer Product Launch Management

    African consumers have proven to be selective, savvy and loyal- despite being sensitive to price point. An effective product introduction or launch requires marketing, branding, sales, logistical, legal, staffing and customer savvy. We can help manage the entire product launch lifecycle and give you access to distribution channels, helping you maintain critical visibility and staying power in rapidly changing consumer environments.

  • Procurement and Sourcing Services

    Having reliable and affordable access to materials and inputs for your company remains difficult in parts of Africa. From legal and regulatory hurdles to, to the economics of transportation, we can help solve your company’s general supply chain needs.

Leadership and Organizational Development

Identifying, developing and deploying leadership talent is critical to enterprise success in Africa. Developing and strengthening talent can be the difference between having a viable business concept and seeing that idea succeed.

Thrive Global has experience developing and managing thousands of staff and vendors across the continent. This expertise is complemented by our access to proprietary leadership development and productivity content that we deliver across Africa to leading companies and organizations.

Example Services

  • Leadership Development

    Beyond hiring qualified talent, developing your senior management team is a key to sustained success in Africa. Thrive Global has extensive experience growing and coaching team performance and individual talent in Africa. Our work takes into consideration execution ability, managerial skills, contextual dynamics and thriving within an international team. We have access to world class content and methodologies that we deliver to leading companies and organizations across the continent.

  • Executive staffing strategy

    We work you with you to frame the optimal executive team composition for your enterprise. Our approach balances local requirements, considers staffing implications on investor confidence, addresses expatriate and national staff composition concerns and ultimately defines the essential individual and collective skill sets based on your sector and countries of operations

  • Team competency architecture

    High performing teams require interlocking competencies, perspectives and responsibilities. Thrive Global assists in framing the skill and experience competencies and profiles for each key position to enable high performing cross-national teams.

  • Talent Recruiting

    We help you identify qualified candidates for executive and senior management roles for your enterprise. We draw on our trusted regional and global networks to identify excellent leaders that meet your enterprise requirements.

  • Global Team performance

    Cross-national executive teams and global businesses that combine different cultural and management cultures do not naturally thrive. Thrive Global has deep experience strengthening team cohesion and decision making across operational borders and cultures for global and regional businesses. We help you build the metrics and communication strategies to maximize trust, enable efficient decision making, maintain relational bonds and encourage business continuity across your global and local offices.